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Xuelian LiangSubject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: Xuelian Liang
Date: 01 Mar 2000 10:52 AM

I have seen what Stylus2.0 can do with the evaluation copy. It is a very good product. My company is getting very close to purchase licenses.

However, there are a few shortcomings (for our purpose) that would prevent my company from purchasing. The biggest one would be that Stylus doesn't work as a plug-in. Since we are developing our project based on the XML parser and XSL processor provided by xml.apache.org Project, it would be very nice that the XML/XSL Editor we are using can utilize these parser and processor, just like Visual Cafe for Java which allows users an option to choose its internal JVM or execute project using an external JVM, which I believe that is one of the good reason why Visual Cafe is such a popular tool for Java. It always keeps up with latest JDK release.

I have posted my question on Stylus parser and processor on 2/25/00, but we are still not sure how compatible Stylus parser and processor are with the one we are using.

It is very important for us to know where Stylus is heading.

Could you give us some idea what future development plan would be for Stylus?


Omri TraubSubject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: Omri Traub
Date: 01 Mar 2000 10:58 AM

Thanks for your interest in Stylus. The ability to plug in external process is something we are considering for the next release. Stylus' advanced debugging features require it to use its own processor. As vendors settle in to implement the recommendation in full, there should be fewer differences between different processors. I do realize that right now there still are differences, and therefore this is something we will consider seriously for the next release.

If you have downloaded Stylus 2.0 beta 2, you will see complete compliance information in the release notes.

- Omri.

Jonathan BrightSubject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: Jonathan Bright
Date: 06 Mar 2000 11:05 PM
the ability to not use other
XML/XSLT processors is pretty much a
show stopper from my point of view.
i'd be willing to use a dumbed down
version of the product when i want to
swap in another vendors XML/XSLT
and i'm sure this is in a faq somewhere,
but i'm wondering if i'd be able to
control stylus from inside a java program,
which would make it super useful for debugging.

(Deleted User) Subject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: (Deleted User)
Date: 07 Mar 2000 12:20 PM
I'm curious what XSL features or extensions you are relying on that Stylus doesn't support. Although we recognize that there will always be some variation between Stylus and other processors, we would like to be as broadly compatible as possible.

On the subject of controlling Stylus from Java, what features are you looking to control? Can you be more specific? Thanks.

--Alex Lloyd
eXcelon corp.

Greg DuffieldSubject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: Greg Duffield
Date: 08 Mar 2000 04:23 AM
For me it is not case of features as you have rightly stated that soon all XSLT parsers shouold be more or less equal. It is more a case of compatiblity.

If I develop a stylsheet in Stylus I then have to play around with it to get it to work in the production environment as we are using the MSXML2 processor.

If you were to expose your processors interfaces and allow developers to use this, this would stop all the messing about and remove the need to tell stylus which processor to use.

(Deleted User) Subject: eXcelon's future development plan on Stylus?
Author: (Deleted User)
Date: 08 Mar 2000 10:41 AM
The Stylus processor was not designed for use in a production environment. However, we have tried to make it very closely compatible with James Clark's XT and the Lotus/Apache Xalan processor. You may have better luck switching stylesheets between Stylus and these processors.

Support for external processors (other than the original MSXSL) is definitely on our radar for the next version of Stylus, though. Thanks for your input.

--Alex Lloyd
eXcelon corp.

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