ZapThink Report: Using Stylus Studio to Deploy XML Data Services

ZapThink, a leading IT advisory and analysis firm for XML, Web Services, and Service Orientation technologies, has published a new report on deploying XML data services (PDF 0.2MB) with Stylus Studio®. The six-page report, written by ZapThink Sr. Analyst Jason Bloomberg, covers various XML topics and includes an overview of Stylus Studio's comprehensive support for developing legacy data integration applications through intuitive data conversion utilities and a powerful, integrated Java Code Generator that allows developers to create and deploy live XML data services based on industry-standard XQuery and XSLT technologies.

Report Abstract

Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition from DataDirect Technologies is a mature XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) that offers developers a complete set of capabilities for increasing XML development productivity. In particular, the latest release augments their popular XML editor, XSLT debugger, and other XML tools with extensive legacy data integration capabilities, enabling developers to create XML data services in either Java or .NET environments that access a wide range of legacy data formats and systems. The key to Stylus Studio's success with customers is the completeness of their offering as well as their platform-neutral delivery approach, unlike the platform-specific offerings of its competitors. Download the entire report for free today!

Deploying XML Data Services with Stylus Studio

Deploying XML Data Services with Stylus Studio: Key Findings

The following are excerpts of key findings about XML data services and Stylus Studio made in the new ZapThink analyst report:

  • "DataDirect Technologies has taken an application-based, platform independent approach to XML tooling, distinguishing Stylus Studio from the XML tools that the major platform vendors are offering."
  • "Instead of requiring developers to work with a particular tool, programming language, and platform, developers can use Stylus Studio in Java or .NET environments, and the legacy data integration capabilities that the product offers leverage a wide range of databases and legacy data sources and formats."
  • "Stylus Studio's success with customers is the completeness of the approach as well their platform-neutral delivery approach, unlike the platform-specific offerings of its competitors."


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