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XQuery, also known as "XML Query", is an XML standard from the W3C for accessing and working with distributed information storage systems including content repositories, documents, relational databases, and object repositories using a simple and consise syntax. The XQuery language that uses the structure of XML intelligently can express queries across all these kinds of data, whether physically stored in XML or viewed as XML via middleware.

DataDirect XQuery can be used within Stylus Studio for developing and testing; however, deploying this feature into applications requires separate runtime licenses. For more information about DataDirect XQuery, please visit the DataDirect XQuery Product website.

Stylus Studio, the world's leading XQuery IDE which fully supports the XQuery working draft, is pleased to provide the following XQuery resources to further your understanding of this groundbreaking technology.

XQuery Tutorial

An XQuery Tutorial, entitled: Building XQuery based Web service aggregation and reporting applications, is available for free reading in PDF or HTML. This tutorial covers basic XQuery concepts and illustrates the creation of a sample stock-quote example Web service that uses XQuery technologies to efficiently aggregate and expose multiple data sources using Stylus Studio's XQuery tools. (Click here for more XQuery Tutorials...)

XQJ Tutorial

An XQJ Tutorial, entitled: Introduction to the XQuery API for Java. The XQuery language is designed specifically for XML programming and data integration, and programmers are more productive using XQuery for these tasks. However, many enterprise applications are built on the Java platform, and often require functionality not found in XQuery; for instance, many XML programs need to use the Web Services functionality of J2EE.

XML Tech Talks

Stylus Studio Sr. Architect Ivan Pedruzzi interviews industry movers and shakers for their take on the hottest upcoming XML technologies including the W3C's Dr. Michael Kay, Java Guru Jason Hunter, Microsoft's Michael Rys, and Oracle's Daniel Florescu.

XQuery Videos

We are pleased to provide three infomative XQuery demonstration videos illustrating Stylus Studio®'s XQuery Editor, Mapper, Debugger and other advanced functionality: Introduction to the XQuery Mapper, Advanced XQuery Mapper Features, and Using DataDirect XQuery with Stylus Studio.

XQuery Processor

Stylus Studio provides both its own built-in XQuery processor, but has also partnered with other leading XQuery Processor vendors including Saxonica to provide integrated XQuery editing, debugging and performance profiling support. Only Stylus Studio provides full integration with the Saxon XQuery processor!

XQuery Databases

Stylus Studio has partnered with Sleepycat and TigerLogic to provide integrated XQuery tools for the leading XQuery enabled databases and repositories.

Working with XQuery

Stylus Studio provides many powerful XQuery development tools, including a graphical XQuery mapper that allows you to construct a query without writing any code, a robust XQuery editor with built in XQuery code completion, an XQuery profiler for optimizing XQuery performance and an integrated XQuery debugger to help troubleshoot XQuery expressions.


The Official XQuery FAQ

Now presenting: Everything you ever needed to know about XQuery (but were afraid to ask). A beginner's guide to the XQuery universe.

XQuery Use Cases

Learn how leading developers are using XQuery technologies to build the next generation of advanced XQuery applications.

XQuery Blog: XML Connections

XML Connections is DataDirect's new and improved blog. On it you'll find the latest news and information for XQuery, XQJ, XML Integration, XML Converters, and more.

XQuery Discussion Forums

Got a question? Interested in learning more? Visit the new XQuery Help & Discussion Forum at the Stylus Studio Developer Network to learn more about this exciting emerging technology!

XQuery Technical Specifications

Read up on the official XQuery 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 serialization specifications from our W3C technical resource section. Note that the W3C XQuery 1.0 specification uses the and XPath 2.0 Data Model, which is also the data model used by XSLT 2.0.

Free XQuery Book Chapter

Download Chapter 1 of the best-selling XQuery book - 'XQuery by the Experts', written by W3C XQuery guru Jonathan Robie and published by Addison Wesley. Chapter one entitled 'Introduction to XQuery' covers the most important technical concepts in a clear and easy to read fashion. (PDF)


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Read about the top 10 XQuery Trends and how they will impact change the way enterprise software applications are built.

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