XPath Tools

XPath tools and utilities including an XPath Analyzer, XPath Parser and an XPath Generator simplify creating and debugging of complex XPath expressions. Select from the tutorials below to learn more about Stylus Studio® X16 XML's advanced support for building XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 applications on either the Java or Microsoft .NET platforms.

The 4-Minute XPath Introduction Video

Watch this brief XPath introduction which covers how to use Stylus Studio's XPath tools including XPath code completion, syntax highlighting, support for XPath 2.0 functions and XML namespaces to simplify your XPath queries.

XPath Query Editor

Easily evaluate any XPath 2.0 expression against any XML document; save the XPath query results as XML, and save up to 64 expressions associated with an XML document; back-map from the results to the original XML input document. Namespace URI prefixes and auto-completion help speed XPath expression creation.

XPath Editor (Sense:X for XPath)

Simplify XPath editing with a context-sensitive, intelligent XPath code-sensing and auto-completion of XPath expressions and functions. Works with any DTD or XML schema, or even XML documents with no defined schema.

Visual XPath Expression Generator

Does your application need an XPath expression, but you're not sure how to write it? Let Stylus Studio® X16 XML auto-generate one for you based on the XML element or attribute you specify.

XPath Tutorial

Learn about Writing XPath Expressions with Stylus Studio. This XPath tutorial covers getting started with XPath including background material on how XPath processors work, testing basic XPath queries, specifying the XPath nodes, handling of strings and text in XPath, XPath functions and operations, using the XPath utility & more!


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