Stylus Studio® fully supports XML 1.0, offering a substantial number of features for XML editing, parsing, validation, and mapping. This page describes just some of Stylus Studio®'s feature support for the official W3C XML 1.0 specification.

XML Editing

Stylus Studio® includes a powerful XML text editor featuring customizable color coding of XML elements and attributes, intelligent XML tag code sensing and auto-completion (Sense:X), a format checker, and more. Stylus Studio® also includes various XML editing views, such as Grid View and Tree View, that allow you to work productively with XML documents in the way that best suits the particular nature of an XML document or your work style.

XML Parsing and Validation

Learn how Stylus Studio® facilitates XML parsing and validation with advanced, integrated support for all of the most popular XML parsers including, for both XML Schema and DTD validators, MSXML 3.0/4.0, System.XML (the official Microsoft.NET XML Parser), Xerces-C, Xerces-J, XSV, and many others. Stylus Studio® is a great tool for getting up-to-speed with XML parsing and validation!

XML Differencing

Stylus Studio® provides a powerful XML differencing tool that allows you to easily compare and visualize computed differences between folders and XML files in an intuitive, and highly configurable XML-aware manner. XML Differencing is a requirement for team-based XML development.

XML Mapping

The Extensible Markup Language standard is all about getting any information encoded into a standard format so that it can be processed and reused efficiently. To this end, Stylus Studio® includes dozens of XML mapping tools for any XML data integration job. For example, Stylus Studio® includes: an XML-to-XML mapper, an XML-to-HTML importer, a Database-to-XML Mapper, an XQuery Mapper, an XSLT mapper, and so much more. Simply put, Stylus Studio® is the #1 XML tool for standards-based XML data mapping projects!

XML Industry Standards

A recent trend in XML technology advances has been the explosion of industry-standard XML vocabularies (XML data models) used to describe business information — such as financial transactions, technical documentation, order processing, and so on — in a standards-based, XML format. Stylus Studio® supports literally thousands of such XML Schema and DTD industry standards through OASIS Catalogs support. Stylus Studio®'s catalog support enables you to easily develop instances of these industry-standard XML documents.

XML Utilities and General XML Developer Productivity Tools

Stylus Studio®'s strength come from the integration of powerful XML editors with innovative XML utilities and debuggers for XQuery and XSLT, all in one unique tool. We've tried our best to automate some of the most common tasks that are routinely encountered throughout XML development projects — Stylus Studio®'s XML Import/Export and its comprehensive support for Microsoft, Java, and Oracle XML technologies, are just two examples of what Stylus Studio® has to offer.

XML Developer Center

We are pleased to provide a collection of free online XML learning resources, including numerous technical XML whitepapers, XML examples, XML discussion forums, the XML 1.1 and XML Namespaces specifications, video demonstrations, product documentation, and much more!


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