XML Well-Formedness Checker & XML Indenter

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is brimming with handy XML editing utilities, including an integrated XML Well-Formedness Checker, an XML Indenter, XML formatter, XML pretty printer and many more.

Check XML Well-Formedness with One Click

Does the document you're editing consist of well-formed XML? Stylus Studio® X16 XML can tell you with one click! To check well-formedness, just click the button with the yellow checkmark (as shown in the following illustration), and Stylus Studio® displays the results in the Output window. If the document contains any errors, clicking on them in the Output window launches Stylus Studio®'s backmapping feature, which takes you to the line in the XML source code that generated the error. Formatting XML documents has never been easier.

Check the if XML is Well Formed

XML Indenter & XML Pretty Print

Tidy up your XML documents with Stylus Studio® X16 XML's, integrated XML indenter.

XML Indenter

The XML Indenter automatically formats your XML code and is configurable on a per-editor basis, allowing you to specify how to treat white space, tab settings, etc. The XML indenter works on any XML file so it could also work as an XSL indenter, HTML indenter, XSLT intenter and so on.

Configure XML Indenter

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Integrated XML Well-Formedness Checker, XML Indenter, integrated support for HTML tidy and so many other helpful XML editing tools and utilities simplify XML code cleanup.


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