Supported XML Technologies in Stylus Studio® X16 XML

Learning XML is easy with Stylus Studio® X16 XML, the only XML IDE to support all official W3C XML technologies! Click on a heading below to learn more about Stylus Studio®'s tools support for an XML or related W3C technologies.

XML 1.0

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's XML editor includes numerous synchronized, visual XML editing views, SenseX (Intelligent XML Editing), Integrated XML Validator, XML Differencing and much more!


Stylus Studio® X16 XML's XSLT editor supports XSLT Debugging, XSLT Mapping, XSLT Profiling, Visual HTML-to-XSLT Stylesheet Design, XSL:FO transformation and much more!

XQuery (XML Query)

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is the first and only XML Development tool to support visual XQuery Editing, XQuery Mapping, XQuery Debugging.

XML Schema

Read about Stylus Studio® X16 XML's support for visual XML Schema editing, validation, XSD documentation generation, and other XSD utilities.

Document Type Definition (DTD)

Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes a visual DTD editor, integrated DTD validator and various DTD generation utilities.


Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes utilities for XPath 1.0/2.0, including XPath Evaluator, XPath Expression Generator, SenseX for XPath (Intelligent XPath Editing), and much more!


Create XML views of Relational Database with Stylus Studio® X16 XML's SQL/XML utilities.


Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes various handy XML tools for Web Designers for building advanced XML-data driven Websites.


Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports Web Service Development via a Web Service Call Composer (i.e. a Web Service Invoker/Tester), a UDDI Registry Browser and more

Java & XML

Build XML-enabled Java applications using Stylus Studio® X16 XML's JSP Editor, XML-Java debugger, integrated Java code editor and more.

Microsoft & XML

Stylus Studio® X16 XML build XML enabled Microsoft applications with MSXML, Microsoft .NET XML (System.XML), SQL Server 2000, and other XML-enabled products and API's.


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