Frequently Asked Technical Product Questions

What is Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite?

Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite is a leading XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) — it is a comprehensive collection of intuitive visual XML editors, various XML testing and debugging utilities, and other innovative productivity enhancers, designed to automate routine tasks and accelerate XML software developer productivity.

Why do I need Stylus Studio®?

Stylus Studio® offers a powerful and intuitive XML-centric tools support for XML based software development. Integrated Development Environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio or NetBeans offer great support for editing and debugging various conventional programming languages such as Java and C++, but provide only the most elementary features in their support of XML development. Stylus Studio® takes familiar IDE concepts such as synchronized visual editing, error reporting, debugging, profiling, automating of developer tasks, etc, and applies them to standards-based XML technologies, providing engineers with unparalleled XML development tools support.

Explain how Stylus Studio® fits in with other programming tools and utilities?

Our customers generally use Stylus Studio® in conjunction with various complementary third-party software development tools, including conventional programming IDE's, as well as Web, Database, and other programming tools.

How do developers use Stylus Studio®? Is there a recommended workflow associated with its usage?

Stylus Studio® usage among developers generally falls into two categories: structured and unstructured usage. Unstructured usage of Stylus Studio® involves the use its various editors or utilities to accomplish a specific task, for example, editing and debugging an XSLT Stylesheet, converting legacy data into XML, creating an XML report, validating an XML document, or any other task — then return to go about their conventional programming work. More recently, as XML technologies become an increasingly important aspect of enterprise software development, users have begun to use Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite as a complete workbench for standards-based data integration projects. Using XML Pipeine, it's easy to visually design, edit, debug a complete XML data service application, and then deploy it using XML Converters.

What technologies are supported by Stylus Studio®?

Stylus Studio® supports standards-based application development, and provides comprehensive tools support for working with XML, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, XPath, EDI, SQL/XML, HTML/XHTML, WSDL, SOAP, Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET, and various database technologies including Oracle and IBM. For more information visit our XML standards support page.

What kind of applications are built with Stylus Studio®?

Our users are typically engaged in building ecommerce, publishing, content management, data conversion, legacy data integration, Web services and many other types of enterpise applications.

What are the New Features of Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite?

Highlights of the new release include (among other things):

  • XML Pipeline: Model, Edit, Debug and Deploy advanced XML data services
  • XML Publisher: Create XML reports to publish XML or other data sources to PDF, HTML and other document formats
  • Data Conversion API's: Read and write to different legacy file formats from your Java code
  • Many user-interface and performance enhancements

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How do you differentiate yourself from competing XML tools?

There are dozens of reasons to switch to Stylus Studio® today! In brief, Stylus Studio® has a far more comprehensive feature list, is by far more technically advanced, and costs substantially less than the completion. In general, our customers tell us that they choose Stylus Studio® because it simply worked better. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself today! Download a free trial of Stylus Studio®!

What about XML Differencing? Does Stylus Studio® support this functionality?

Yes, Stylus Studio® fully supports advanced XML differencing — but when it comes to XML Differencing, buyer beware! We've recently heard that there are some real dogs out there and one company is charging $129.- for this feature alone! Get the best XML differencing tool on the planet and along with all the other features in Stylus Studio® today!


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What's New for Stylus Studio® X16?

New XQuery & Web Services Tools, Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, HL7 EDI, Microsoft .NET Code Generation and much more!

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