Stylus Studio Product Support FAQ

How do I get technical support for Stylus Studio?

Log in to the Stylus Studio Developer Network (SSDN), a forum monitored by engineers on the Stylus Studio development team. SSDN is an excellent resource for asking questions, sharing Stylus Studio tips with other users in the Stylus Studio community, and researching topics (from the general to the arcane) in our technical support archives. Current conferences include:

You can access SSDN by clicking Help > Technical Support on the Stylus Studio menu. You can also visit the support center.

Are other service plans available?

We currently offer technical support though SSDN only. Our goal is to respond to all postings within one business day.

How do I upgrade to the latest Stylus Studio release?

Upgrade licenses are only required to migrate from one major release to the next (from Release 5.x to Release 2006, for example). When you are ready to migrate, just purchase the major release upgrade license. You can do this by emailing

Point release upgrades (from Release 6.0 to 6.1, for example) are provided free. You can easily check on the availability of upgrades to your current version of Stylus Studio by clicking Help > Check for Latest Version on the Stylus Studio menu.

How do I configure an ODBC data source using DataDirect SequeLink Manager?

If you are using the optional DataDirect SequeLink Server installation package that comes bundled with Stylus Studio to create an ODBC data source, you need to configure the data source using DataDirect SequeLink Manager in order for the data source to be accessible by Stylus Studio.

I have a question about an order I placed through the Stylus Studio Online Shop.

I have a Sales related question that isn't answered here.

Check out our Sales FAQ for questions concerning buying, upgrading, and licensing Stylus Studio.

Where can I find FAQs of a more technical nature? Do you have a support FAQ?

We've published several detailed XML tutorials for troubleshooting some of the most common Stylus Studio technical support issues (like how to install a JVM, etc.)


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