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Stylus Studio® X16 XML is the ultimate XML mapping tool! Visually map from XML-to-XML, relational database-to-XML, Web service data-to-XML, and much more! When it comes to running XML mappings in your live application code, check out our XML Pipeline Server, data conversion API, and scalable XML Converters.

XML-to-XML Mapping

Visually develop mappings from an XML instance document, XML Schema, or DTD, to a target XML document! Output code can be either XSLT or XQuery. Featuring new synchronized visual mapping and source code views!

Database-to-XML Mapper

Seamlessly map relational data from any database (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB/2, Sybase, Informix, and more!) to XML.

HTML-to-XML Mapping

Visually map HTML pages to XML, generating an XSLT stylesheet. Supports two-way editing!

XML-to-HTML Mapping

The Stylus Studio XML Publisher provides a visual XML to HTML mapping designer that helps you create visually create advanced HTML + CSS layouts for publishing your XML data to the Web.

EDI-to-XML Mapping

The world's best EDI-to-XML mapping tool, featuring full support for HL7, EDIFACT, IATA, EANCOM, SEF and X12 and more!

Convert to XML

Visually convert any legacy data format including flat files, comma-separated (CSV), tab-separated, binary, or any other file format into XML!

Web Service Data-to-XML Mapper

Seamlessly perform XML data mapping operations on Web service data.

XML to PDF Mapping

Convert XML to PDF using our intuitive XML report generation tools for use in XML and XSL:FO based publishing applications.


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