Java XML Tools

Working with the javax.xml package? Stylus Studio® X16 XML is a powerful tool for building and generating XML-enabled Java/J2EE applications. Click on one of the links below to learn more about our support for various Java-related XML technologies.

Java Code Generation

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite can generate the Java code needed to execute XSLT and XQuery in your Java applications in a highly customizable way, saving you hours of needless typing and debugging.

Integrated Java IDE

Easily edit, compile, and debug Java code from within our powerful XML IDE.

JSP Editor

Web-enable your XML application with a built-in JSP Editor!

Full Support for Java XML Parsers & Processors

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Universal XML processing, validation, and transformation architecture fully supports Xerces-J, Apache FOP, Saxon XSLT, Saxon XQuery and other Apache XML components!

Full Support for Java Web Services Development

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is an ideal tool for building applications for Apache AXIS web service framework!

Java API for XQuery (XQJ)

Learn about how to invoke and process W3C XQuery expressions against any Relational Database using a standard Java XQuery API.


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New XQuery & Web Services Tools, Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, HL7 EDI, Microsoft .NET Code Generation and much more!

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With Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite, you get the most comprehensive XML tool suite at one incredibly low price. Value: it's just one of many reasons why smart XML developers are choosing Stylus Studio!

Free Java Code Generation Video Demonstration

A new online video demonstration shows just how easy it is to generate the Java code to make your XSLT and XQuery work in your Java apps.

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