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Stylus Studio® XML Developer is the world's leading xml development tool. Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite provides XML editing, schema design, XQuery development, and XSLT development and debugging. Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite comes with powerful support to help you edit, draft, transform, and debug XML, elevating your XML development efforts. Stylus Studio® makes XML development easy and powerful.

XML Development

Key Features

Intelligent XML Development

Think of Sense:X Intelligent XML Editing as your very own, personal XML guide, right there at your fingertips, helping you get through any XML development challenge.

Synchronized Views

Three general purpose XML editing views, Text View, Tree View, and Grid View, allow you to work with and edit XML documents in whatever way suits you best.


The HTML WYSIWYG Designer does not require any knowledge of the HTML syntax - just enter content like a word processor - change colors, add pictures, etc.

XML Validation Architecture

Our Open XML Parsing & XML Validation Architecture guarantees xml development support for the same XML processor and/or XML validator that you use in your production environment.

XML Grid View

The XML Grid View provides an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface enabling XML developers to more productively work with relational data or any XML document with repeating data structures.

XML Differencing

The integrated XML Differencing tool, perfect for XML developers, visually computed and analyzes any changes made to files or folders in a highly configurable, XML-aware fashion.

XSLT Developer

Stylus Studio includes a robust XSLT editor, Sense:X Intelligent XSLT development, single-click XSLT transformation, modular per-template views, refactoring capabilities, and much more!

XSLT Mapper

XSLT Developers can utilize Universal XSLT Mapping to visually work with any XSLT file, mapping data from one or more input files to any output format.

XQuery Development

Stylus Studio is the first and only XML IDE to include a full featured, integrated XQuery Editor. XQuery Developers can utilize Sense:X Intelligent XQuery editing for streamlined XQuery development.


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