Building Web Services With Stylus Studio

This online video demonstration shows you how to use Stylus Studio's Web Service call composer (Web service tester) to locate a WSDL file on the Internet, inspect, create SOAP envelope, invoke and inspect Web service data.

Building Web Services With Stylus Studio covers the following topics in detail:

Watch the entire Web Services tutorial series!

  1. Building a Web Service
  2. Using XQuery Web Services
  • Using Stylus Studio to Compose a Web Service Call
  • Examining Web Service Description Language (WSDL) files in Stylus Studio's WSDL Editor
  • Configuring the Web service call composer to work with your Web service server including Apache AXIS, Microsoft SOAP Client Toolkit 3.0, Microsoft .NET Server, etc.
  • Using the WSDL Editor to analyze methods, parameters (function arguments) and types described in a WSDL file.
  • Using Stylus Studio to search public UDDI registries (such as XMethods, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) for Web Services to locating and load a Web Service's WSDL file
  • Querying and navigating a UDDI registry with Stylus Studio's UDDI registry navigator to find a stock quote Web service
  • Selecting a WSDL's URL and inspecting the its available operations and function prototypes
  • Examining the SOAP envelope used to invoke the Web Service method
  • Populating the SOAP envelope with Web service parameters and invoking the Web Service Method
  • Viewing the results returned by a Web Service call in the Preview Window
  • Saving the Web Service call, including information about the Web Service that was invoked and the parameters that were sent
  • Publishing the live Web service call's data using the XML-to-HTML stylesheet designer
  • Configuring the XML-to-HTML stylesheet designer to work with live Web service data
  • Developing the XSLT stylesheet visually using the XSLT diagram view, or manually using the XSLT editor, in an intuitive, synchronized way
  • Inspecting the XML content model of the live Web service call data
  • Visually building a dynamic HTML table and previewing the HTML output in the Output Window
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