XQuery and Web Service Development

XML and XQuery provide a flexible means for data abstraction, while Web services and WSDL provide a similar level of process abstraction. When used together, XQuery and Web services together provide a framework for implementing EII and SOA architectures, affording software engineers the freedom to focus more on implementing business logic and less about the lower-level application code. The following online video demonstration showcases powerful integrated XQuery and Web service tools for rapid development of XQuery-based Web service applications.

XQuery and Web Service Development Tutorial covers:

Watch the entire XQuery tutorial series!

  1. Introduction to the XQuery Mapper
  2. Advanced XQuery Mapping Techniques
  3. Integrating Relational and XML with XQuery
  4. Deploying XQuery Applications
  5. Optimizing XQuery Applications
  6. Building XQuery Web Services
  7. Converting XML to CSV using XQuery
  • Learn how to find a web service by browsing a UDDI registry
  • Invoking and previewing a Web service in Stylus Studio
  • Generating an XQuery that invokes the Web service call
  • Viewing the generated XQuery code in the XQuery Editor
  • Running the XQuery Web Service Application
  • Invoking multiple Web Service Calls in an XQuery application
  • Using the Java Code Generator to programmatically execute Web Services from XQuery

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