EDI to XML Mapping in Stylus Studio

This video covers a sample EDI to XML mapping project using Stylus Studio's new EDI to XML mapping tools in Convert-to-XML. The demonstration starts with loading an EDI file, inspecting application control codes, using default conversion settings, customizing XML output and other advanced EDI to XML mapping features.

The EDI to XML tutorial covers the following topics:

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  1. Converting Flat Files to XML
  2. Converting EDI to XML
  3. Converting XML to EDI
  4. Deploying Your Applications
  • Visually inspecting application control codes and the layout of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) type 831 x12 file.
  • Automatically specifying segment terminating characters.
  • Loading an EDI file in Convert-to-XML.
  • Using default EDI-to-XML settings and previewing the data conversion.
  • Visually inspecting the resulting XML-ified EDI records.
  • Overriding default names used by the WS-EDI standard to create custom XML element and attribute names.
  • Using Stylus Studio's 'set node and match pattern' feature to tailor the XML output to reflect content in each differently structured row in the EDI file.
  • Using regular expressions to create more sophisticated matching patterns, to include exclude rows from the XML output.
  • Using the Stylus Studio's 'Lookup List' feature to specify translation values to substitute cryptic error codes to more meaningful names.
  • Working with X12, HL7, UN EDIFACT and other EDI formats.
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