Introduction to Convert to XML

Convert to XML is Stylus Studio's new all-purpose utility for legacy data integration involving getting all sorts of different data formats into a custom XML format.

An Introduction to Convert to XML covers the following topics:

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  1. Converting Flat Files to XML
  2. Converting EDI to XML
  3. Converting XML to EDI
  4. Deploying Your Applications
  • How to open a single file and preview default conversion results
  • Display features of the Convert to XML Editor
  • Specifying settings to filter the source text, binary, and EDI files you plan to convert to XML
  • Defining regions within files that allow you to exercise more granular control over the XML generated by Stylus Studio
  • Manual and automatic settings for specifying root, region, and field element names
  • How to save a converter and how to use it to open a flat file as an XML document
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