Generating Java Code with Stylus Studio

So you've finshed developing an XSLT stylesheet or an XQuery expression in Stylus Studio, and now it's time to deploy your code to a production server environment. Stop hand coding

Generating Java Code with Stylus Studio covers the following topics:

  • Generating Java code to run your XQuery or XSLT stylesheets
  • Embedding the Java code in your Java application
  • Java code generation system requirements
  • Configuring a sample XQuery, including specifying what processor to use, parameters, post processing, and validation options
  • Running an XQuery and previewing the results from within Stylus Studio
  • Generating Java code for Saxon or Apache Xalan
  • Configuring the content and location of the generated code, java package and other Java coding conventions.
  • Browsing generated Java code in the integrated Java Editor
  • Configuring the Java class path
  • Compiling the generated Java code using Stylus Studio's Java IDE
  • Running the generated Java application, previewing and verifying correct output using Stylus Studio's XML differencing tool.

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