EDI to XML Conversion — Part 2

The EDI to XML Conversion module is a powerful graphical tool that helps you convert EDI documents to XML and create custom conversion definitions for non-standard EDI documents. In Part 1 of the EDI to XML Conversion video, we described the graphical interface, and how to use the EDI to XML Conversion module to convert standard EDI to XML.

In Part 2, you'll see how easy it is to create custom EDI to XML conversion definitions to convert proprietary EDI documents to XML, how to use error-correction tools to address errors in source EDI documents, how to use SEF (Standard Exchange Format) files to convert EDI programmatically, and more!

Watch the entire EDI to XML tutorial series!

  1. Converting Standard EDI to XML and Customizing XML Output
  2. Creating a Custom EDI Conversion Definition and Using the Custom Conversion Programmatically

EDI to XML Using Stylus Studio EDI to XML Conversion Module, Part 2, covers the following topics:

  • Locating and correcting errors in source EDI documents
  • Changing properties used by the XML Converters engine
  • Adding values to code list tables
  • Displaying modified EDI structures
  • Using SEF files to convert EDI documents in Stylus Studio
  • Using SEF files to convert EDI documents programmatically
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