Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Stylus Studio

Looking for a reason to switch from the XML tool you're currently using to the most advanced, award winning XML IDE on the market? Here are ten.

1. Stylus Studio® — it just works!

Ask any of the millions of developers who love and use Stylus Studio® every day why Stylus Studio® has become the go-to tool for their XML development. And what you'll hear is this — it's because Stylus Studio® just works, easily and intuitively. Are you just a tad too well acquainted with random application crashes, endless software bugs, generated code that doesn't compile, and primitive XML editing capabilities? Bid it all a hasty farewell, and say hello to Stylus Studio®'s industry-leading power, stability, and usability. Stylus Studio® has the chops for every XML project on your plate, large or small, simple or complex.

2. Most Powerful XML Tools AND Data Integration Components on the Planet

Only Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite provides comprehensive support for working with all XML technologies, including XML, XSLT, XSL:FO, XQuery, Relational Databases, XML Schema, DTD, XPath, XHTML, Web Services, EDI, legacy data conversion, XML Pipeline, XML publishing and XML Mapping. And the applications that you build with Stylus Studio® are based on a solid foundation of industry standards to help ensure your project's success. With Stylus Studio® you can maximize your productivity from day one without worry that your application relies on home-grown processors.

But wait, there's more — Stylus Studio is more then just an XML IDE — we offer both tools and integrated development support for powerful, standards-based DataDirect XML Converters™ to power your Java or Microsoft .NET applications in a live production environment. And using the Java Code Generator, you can create the Java application code needed to run your XQuery and XSLT applications with the click of a button.

3. Stylus Studio® is Beautiful

Stylus Studio®'s designers, engineers, and UI experts strive to provide the most beautiful, intuitive, and consistent user interface available in any XML tool today. Their attention to detail makes Stylus Studio® easy to approach and easy to learn, placing power in the hands of novice users and experienced pros alike. If you don't have to struggle with a user interface, you're able to concentrate on understanding and becoming proficient with XML technologies. And that's why most of us buy a tool, isn't it? To get a job done. The concept is a simple one, but it's difficult to execute. We think we've succeeded. Take a look at some examples of Stylus Studio®'s user interface, and see if you don't agree.

4. Truly Affordable Pricing

At just $350 (USD), complete, Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite represents a great value. For one low, all-inclusive price, you get a single-user license with everything you see in the feature list. Nothing hidden. No costly add-ons for basic functionality — just one comprehensive XML development tools suite. Want to outfit an XML army with the power of Stylus Studio®? Volume discounts are available. Download a free trial of Stylus Studio® today!

5. Stylus Studio® Supports Standards-Based XML Development

You would expect an XML editor to support industry standard XML components like MSXML, Microsoft .NET XML (System.XML), DataDirect XQuery Xerces, Xalan, Saxon XSLT, Saxon XQuery, RenderX XEP, Apache FOP and XSV for integrated XML parsing, validation, and debugging right? Since XML artifacts often validate or transform in slightly different manners depending on which XML processor is used to process them, you can't rely on a proprietary processor for consistent, error-free code. For example, what good is an XSLT debugger if the underlying XSLT processor cannot reproduce the errors you are encountering using say, Apache Xalan?

One problem with XML tools that are not standards-based is that you are left hoping not to encounter hidden "landmines" in your deployed application — inconsistencies between XML processor implementations, which happen frequently enough due to a software bugs or different interpretations of a particular specification, can make a mess of your carefully crafted application. Get some peace of mind, and use an XML IDE that lets you develop with the same XML processing components you'll encounter in your production environment. Switch to Stylus Studio® today!

6. True 2-Way, Synchronized XSLT Editing

In Stylus Studio®, our visual XSLT Mapper supports true, standards-based editing of industry-standard XSLT stylesheets in a visual, drag-and-drop environment. If you prefer, you can work directly with the XSLT source, of course. Text and graphic editors are fully synchronized, providing true two-way XSLT editing — any changes made to the XSLT code are reflected in the visual model, and vice versa. In fact, all of our tools work this way. But don't take our word for it, try Stylus Studio® and see for yourself. If you need a proper, real-world XSLT Editor, making the switch to Stylus Studio® is a "no brainer".

7. Stylus Studio® is Simply the Best for XML Mapping and Legacy Data Integration

XML mapping is included with Stylus Studio® at no additional cost. Our XML Mapper supports seamless mapping from databases, XML files, EDI Mapping, DTDs, XML Schema Mapping, mapping live Web service data, or getting any other kind of legacy data into an XML format of your choosing. You can create advanced mappings that incorporate any number of data sources mapped to a target destination, and you can create custom data processing functions in written in programming languages such as Java. The best part, of course, is that unlike other mapping tools, Stylus Studio is standards based — you can just open an existing XSLT or XQuery file and map away. And once you're done creating your XML mappings, you can take your XSLT or XQuery to go — an integrated Java Code Generator will generate the Java code needed to deploy your code to to a live server application.

8. Stylus Studio® Leads the Way with XQuery

Need support for XQuery? Stylus Studio® offers industry leading features such as XQuery editing, debugging, profiling, integrated support for DataDirect XQuery™ and so much more. Stylus Studio® is always in the forefront of our industry with a proven track record of rolling out advanced features for the newest XML technologies.

9. Free Technical Support

It's simple. We provide free, timely, and professional technical support for Stylus Studio® users. Why? What better way to show you how confident we are about our product and how committed we are to customer satisfaction.

10. Competitive Upgrades Available!

Are you ready to make the switch? We've got some good news — competitive upgrades are available! Save up an additional hundred bucks off our already-low prices when you upgrade to Stylus Studio® today! For more information on our competitive upgrade program, send us an email or contact us.


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