Stylus Scoop - September '05 — Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes with Dr. Michael Kay

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Learning XQuery? Have we got a treat for you this month! Read 'Learn XQuery in Ten Minutes', by XML industry guru, Dr. Michael Kay. It covers all the XQuery essentials in one brief – just 10 minutes! – easy-to-read tutorial! We've also got a new video demonstration on how to get legacy data into XML and back again using Stylus Studio bi-directional EDI adapter URLs – The September Scoop is a back-to-school XML learning bonanza.

Also this month, breaking news: a new special report on a competitor's newest product release reveals some rather disturbing findings. Find out what they don't want you to know and get educated on the facts before it's too late.

But wait, there's more! ZapThink, a leading IT advisory and analysis firm for XML, Web Services, and Service Orientation, has published a new report entitled Deploying XML Data Services with Stylus Studio, and we've made it available, free, for our Stylus Scoop subscribers. You'll find all this and more in this month's Scoop, the coolest XML developer resource in town. So move your cursor off that Delete button, and let the free learning begin - Read on!


Ivan Pedruzzi, Senior Product Architect, and the Stylus Studio Team

Table of Contents - September 2005

Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes with Dr. Michael Kay

Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes is designed for anyone who wants to know what XQuery is but doesn't have the time to find out. We all know the problem: so many exciting new technologies, so little time to research them all. But fortunately, XQuery is easy to learn, and prove this point, Dr. Michael Kay, founder of Saxonica, the producer of the Saxon XQuery and XSLT processor, editor of numerous W3C specifications, and author of many best-selling XML books, has packed XQuery essentials into one powerful XQuery primer covering everything you've ever wanted to know about XQuery!

Unlike over-priced, boring, or confusing online XQuery training seminars, Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes is fast, easy, and free. Software developers and managers looking for ways to give their development teams a leg-up can read the new tutorial online today and learn about these topics:

  • What is XQuery For?
  • Building Your First XQuery
  • Accessing XML Documents with XQuery
  • XQuery FLWOR Expressions
  • Generating XML Output with XQuery
  • Understanding the Relationship between XQuery and Databases

In just 10 minutes, this powerful XQuery tutorial will transform you from average-Joe developer to XQuery genius, and the lessons learned will increase your productivity, helping you shave weeks off your future workload and getting you one step closer to landing that cushy software architect gig. If you can read only one XQuery tutorial this year, Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes is it!

Analyst Report: Developing XML Data Services in Stylus Studio

ZapThink, a leading IT advisory and analysis firm for XML, Web Services, and Service Orientation technologies, has published a new report on deploying XML data services with Stylus Studio®. The six-page report, written by ZapThink Sr. Analyst Jason Bloomberg, covers various XML topics and includes an overview of Stylus Studio's support for developing legacy data integration applications through intuitive data conversion utilities and a powerful, integrated Java Code Generator that allows developers to create and deploy live XML data services based on industry-standard XQuery and XSLT technologies. Stylus Scoop subscribers can read the report online for free today.

Getting EDI to XML and Back again with Stylus Studio Adapters

A new online video demonstration entitled Round Trip Engineering: Getting EDI to XML, then Back to EDI Again, is in the can (as they (used to) say in Hollywood). This affecting little film covers how Stylus Studio bi-directional URL adapters can be used to create two-way data conversion applications. This is helpful for getting legacy data, for example, EDI, into XML, and then propagating changes made to the XML back to the original EDI source file. The new online video demonstration covers the following topics:

  • How to Convert EDI to XML and back again
  • Converting an EDI data model to XML Schema
  • Working with different EDI formats
  • Customizing the way EDI segments are converted to XML
  • Using the XSLT Mapper to create valid XML
  • Generating an XML Schema for the EDI 96A Message Type
  • Browsing EDIFACT data models in the XML Schema Editor
  • Validating a converted EDI document against an XML Schema
  • Using Adapter URLs to write back changes made to the XML to its original EDI format (round-trip data conversion)
  • Customizing the display options in the XSLT mapper

Watch the new online video demonstration today.

True Stylus Studio Stories: Why I use Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio is so humbled to have recently won the SQL Server Magazine Readers' Choice Award for best XML IDE, and we thank Scoop Subscribers for your support. Look at a couple of user quotes that found their way into the award summary: "This is the best IDE I've ever used", and Stylus Studio is "the best value for the money, and butt-kicking features like integrated XML mappers and debugger make it a great time saver!" Now, as Spiderman the movie taught us, with great power comes great responsibility, so we will not stop here. We pledge to continue the fight for higher XML developer productivity through innovative new XML tools and components for the XML developer community.

Join Us: Apply for a Job at Stylus Studio

Based on the fact that you're a subscriber to the Stylus Scoop, and that you've read all the way down to the bottom of this newsletter, we're guessing that XML is your game. So why not join the pros and help us in our mission to create the most productive XML tools on the planet. We've got immediate openings in Software Development and Sales Engineering, and we're always on the lookout for new talent. You've used Stylus Studio, now help us make it even better – check out our current job openings, or email your resumé.

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