Stylus Scoop - July. '05 — The Stylus Studio Employee Discount for Everyone Program

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Summer school is now in session at! New online videos demonstrations explain how to use the new Java Code Generator, Working with XQuery, and more. Also, a new Stylus Studio Hack article covers how to build an XML adapter for non-XML to XML data integration. Just 10 minutes a month — that's all we ask, and in return we'll help make you the XML guru on your team, and save you a ton of time and effort in your future work.

Also in this month's issue: You get the Stylus Studio Employee Discount! That's right, for many years we Stylus Studio employees were selfishly reaping the benefits of a generous employee discount on our award winning XML tools all for ourselves — but since we're all a big family of XML developers, we've decided to share the love with all you! Read on for more information. All this and more in the Stylus 'Scoop, your number one source for XML and XQuery education!


Ivan Pedruzzi, Senior Product Architect, and the Stylus Studio Team

Table of Contents - July 2005

How to Automate Java Code generation in Stylus Studio

A new online video demonstration covers how to leverage the Java Code Generator to generate the Java code needed to make your XSLT or XQuery files work in your Java application. The demonstration will be useful for anyone who has ever written an XSLT or XQuery file, and covers the following topics:

  • Configuring the generated code, including specifying what processor to use, parameters, post processing, and validation options
  • Generating the Java Code to programmatically invoke an XQuery using Saxon
  • Customizing the format of the generated Java code
  • Configuring the Java class path environment
  • Browsing, compiling and running the generated Java code using the built-in Java IDE

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The Stylus Studio Employee Discount for Everyone Event

For the first time in history, everyone gets the Stylus Studio Employee Discount! From now until August 1, 2005, anyone can enjoy the same discount that Stylus Studio employees get off of the cost of Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition, Release 3. So what are you waiting for? Get Stylus Studio from the online shop today!

Legal Disclaimer: Offer valid for 10% off of online purchases of Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition made through the Stylus Studio online shop only. This unprecedented event ends August 1, 2005. See website for more information.

Stylus Studio Hacks: Using XML adapters in Stylus Studio

Processing XML in your Java applications using JAXP is easy if you are dealing with XML documents - but what happens if your data is not all XML (for example, flat files, relational, EDI, and other legacy data formats). The latest installment of the 'Stylus Studio Hacks' series covers accessing data stored in CSV files as XML using Stylus Studio XML Adapters.

Vote for Stylus Studio: The XML IDE of Tomorrow, Today!

Stylus Studio is asking for your vote in the upcoming election at Sys-Con's Web Service Journal. Many important issues are at stake, including simplification of Web services using new XQuery technologies and the rights of XML developers worldwide. With your vote, as President of XML IDE's, we pledge to never stop fighting for innovation, productivity and value in XML tools — Will you help support Stylus Studio? Vote now.

Voting at Sys-Con used to be very long and very time consuming process — but now, in the spirit of productivity and innovation, we've developed a new voting technology which enables you to vote in less then 10 seconds!

Access Relational Data using XQuery with DataDirect XQuery

Struggling with XML and relational data? A new video demonstration covers the use of XQuery to query Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and other relational databases, with DataDirect XQuery and Stylus Studio. The new video covers:

  • An overview of the XQuery Collection Function
  • Using an XQuery collection that is bound to a relational database
  • Browsing a Relational Database and creating an access URL
  • Using XML Forrest to returning database results in XML
  • Configuring the DDXQ processor in Stylus Studio
  • Running and saving an XQuery file in Stylus Studio
  • Specifying default database-to-XML connection settings

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Simplify XSL:FO with Stylus Studio and RenderX XEP!

Now you can simplify single source publishing from XML to PDF, PostScript and other advanced document formats with integrated support for RenderX XEP, the industry-leading XSL formatting objects (XSL:FO) processor in Stylus Studio. Read how easy it is to use RenderX XEP processor in place of Apache FOP to edit, troubleshoot and preview advanced XML to PDF transformations using the Stylus Studio XSL:FO Editor. The new tutorial explains how to configure the two products.

True Stylus Studio Stories: Why I use Stylus Studio

Here's what D.P. recently posted on comp.text.xml, a popular internet newsgroup forum for XML discussion, regarding Stylus Studio's WYSIWYG XSLT Editor: "I got [my] organization to buy Stylus Studio XML Prof. Ed and it just eats up the competition. You'll find though that you will spend a lot of time in the coding window but it is very easy to use, and in fact I have now improved my XML skills and knowledge extensively by using it. I cannot recommend it enough."

Read more about what people are switching to Stylus Studio, or tell us why you chose Stylus Studio, or anything else - we'll respond! Email today!.

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