Support for Web Service Servers and Web Service Clients

Web services offer unprecedented interoperability across different operating systems, programming languages, protocols, software components, databases and server technologies, unifying disparate technologies in a standards-based way. In keeping with the underlying principle of interoperability, all of Stylus Studio®'s Web service development tools, including the Web Service Call Composer (i.e. the Web service tester) can be used in conjunction with all of the major Web service clients and Web service servers, including:

  • Apache AXIS
  • Microsoft SOAP Client Toolkit 3.0
  • Microsoft .NET Server

Create and Save Web Service Scenario Properties

A Web service Scenario is an association of settings used to invoke a Web service operation, for example, your SOAP client, end point, SOAPAction, username, password, timeout, etc. Stylus Studio® allows you to name and save different Web service scenario properties (i.e. Web service call properties) as shown here:

Use Apache AXIS, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0, or Microsoft .NET SOAP clients and Servers!

Once you've created different scenarios to emulate your various Web service test cases, you can easily switch between them from a combo-box located on the Web service toolbar as shown here:

Choosing from a collection of saved, Web service property configurations

Comprehensive support for all Web service clients and Web service servers, as well as the ability to create and save Web service Scenario Properties further makes Stylus Studio® the ultimate Web Services IDE.

Next Web service development feature: Support for building Web Services using industry standard Web service XML Schemas


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