Learn XML Differencing: Stylus Studio® XML Differencing Video Demonstration

Play this video demonstration now and see how easy it is to difference documents and folders using XML Diff. Or, read more about Stylus Studio® XML Differencing which allows you to visually compare two or more XML documents, or two folders, and other XML document comparison scenarios using a highly customizable graphical interface and differencing engine.

Enlarge XML Diff screenshot (click to enlarge)

Using XML Diff covers:

  • How to automatically diff two or more XML documents
  • Adding Source and Target XML documents for comparison
  • Understanding how Stylus Studio® visually renders XML differences
  • How to diff folders
  • Customizing display features to show changes, additions, and deletions
  • Selecting algorithm tunings optimized for change description or speed
  • Automatic diff calculation when an underlying document changes
  • How to save a differencing configuration file to help diff document sets over time
  • Displaying XML differences in a merged changes view
  • Advanced XML differencing projects involving multiple files


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