JSP Editor

Stylus Studio® includes a built-in JSP Editor, to enable XML developers to create dynamic JSP driven Web applications driven by XML data. Stylus Studio®'s Document Wizards are helpful tools for creating and editing XML documents, including JSP 1.0/2.0 files. Launch the JSP Editor by selecting File > Document Wizards as shown here:

Create a new JSP file using the Stylus Studio® JSP Editor

Next, choose the JSP 1.0/2.0 Wizard icon from the Document Wizard menu and Stylus Studio® will automatically launch the JSP Editor.

Accessing the JSP Editor from the Document Wizard Menu

JSP, Java and HTML Syntax coloring:

Stylus Studio®'s JSP Editor supports Syntax of JSP tags, HTML elements & attributes, and the actual Java Code located inside JSP scriptlets. In the JSP scriptlet below, Java reserved words (e.g: if, extends, final, import, package, etc.) are in blue, Java objects and classnames are in grey, and java functions are colored brown.

Editing a JavaServer Page file with the built-in JSP Editor

Intelligent JSP Editing

JSP technologies are XML based, and using the standard XML Schema for JSP with our XML editor, Stylus Studio® supports intelligent, context sensitive JSP code sensing and auto-completion. In this illustration, Stylus Studio® is suggests JSP tags from a list of available elements, including: jsp:scriptlet, jsp:setProperty, jsp:useBean, etc.

JSP Editing and JSP Code Completion

Powerful Related JSP Editing Utilities

In addition to our powerful JSP Editor, Stylus Studio® includes numerous other essential XML and Web development tools for JSP developers, including our HTML-to-XML Converter, XSLT stylesheet designer, Java IDE, XML editor, XML Schema Editor, etc. Shown below is an XML Schema for the JSP tag library specification, viewed in Stylus Studio®'s XML Schema Editor:

Inspecting the JSP XML Schema with Stylus Studio®'s XML Schema Editor

Stylus Studio®'s JSP Editor and related XHTML/XML development features are useful tools for editing and working with XML enabled, JSP applications. Download a free trial now!

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