Java Web Services

Stylus Studio®'s Web Service Call Composer simplifies Java Web Service development through its' support for finding, invoking and testing of any Java Web Service deployed on any popular Java Web Service framework, such as Apache AXIS. In Web Services tutorial, we'll use Stylus Studio® to invoke a Web service query using the Google API. The Stylus Studio® Web Service Call Composer is illustrated below:

Enlarge Java Webservice Call Composer

Composing a Java Web Service

Creating a Java Web Service in Stylus Studio® is easy — start by selecting: File > New > Web Service Call, as illustrated here:

Composing a Java Web Service

Locating a Java Web Service's WSDL file

Stylus Studio® includes a built in UDDI registry browser to locate a Web Service's WSDL file. Here we are searching a public UDDI registry for the location of Google API's WSDL file:

Finding a Java Web Service's WSDL file by searching a UDDI registry

Invoking a Java Web Service

Now that we have Google's WSDL file, Stylus Studio® pre-populates a Web Service Call. Here we see the available Web service operations (doGoogleSearch, doGetCachedPage, doSpellingSuggestion), a Web service operation's parameters (q, start, maxResults, etc.), and an automatically generated SOAP envelope required to properly invoke the Web service operation. Note that if you set a parameter in the parameter window, the SOAP envelope is automatically updated to reflect that change. In the following illustration we are programmatically searching the Google database for "Frozen tomatoes".

Invoking the Google Web Service API using Stylus Studio®

Inspecting the Web Service Results

Stylus Studio® includes a built-in SOAP response preview window. It allows you to inspect the SOAP response returned from the Web service server. You can browse the results in Stylus Studio's various XML editing views, for example, tree view, text view, browser view and save the results to an XML file.

Google API SOAP Response

Build and Test Java Web Services with Apache AXIS

Stylus Studio® supports Web service development and testing on all of the major Web Services frameworks, including Apache AXIS, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0, and Microsoft .NET. Stylus Studio® allows you to create and save Web service call scenarios, which are associations of various properties and settings used to invoke a particular Web service. To choose Apache AXIS, check it off as your default Web service server as illustrated here:

Using Apache Axis for Java Web Service testing and development

Stylus Studio®'s Web Service Call Composer is a powerful tool for accelerating Java Web service application development

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