Stylus Studio® Java IDE Screenshot

Stylus Studio®'s includes an integrated Java IDE that lets you edit, compile and work with any Java file directly within Stylus Studio®. Our Java editor provides enhanced java editing features such as:

  • Syntax coloring for reserved words (e.g: import, package, return, etc)
  • Color coding that can differentiate between objects and methods
  • Java method sensing, including auto completion, and displaying the method signature for any Java function
  • Single click compile button (or type CTRL-F7)
  • Real time Java syntax checking, inserting a red underline for any code that is deemed to be incorrect (eg: missing semi-colon, missing brace, etc.)
  • Integrated JavaDoc Help (just put your cursor on a java method and press F1)
  • An integrated Output window that displays java compiler errors or warning messages
  • Support for backmapping, which means that if you click on the error message in the Output Window, Stylus Studio® will highlight the line of code that generated the error
  • Integration with the XQuery and XSLT tools to generate and compile code to execute your XML applications.

A screenshot of the Stylus Studio® Java IDE is illustrated here:

Java IDE

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