Java Code Generator Video Demonstration

This video demonstration shows just how easy it is to use the Java Code Generator to automatically write, compile and run all of the Java code needed to run your XQuery and XSLT stylesheets in a live Java application.

Java Code Generation in Stylus Studio®

Using The Stylus Studio® Java Code Generator covers:

  • Generating Java code to run your XQuery or XSLT stylesheets
  • Java code generator system requirements
  • Configuring a sample XQuery, including specifying what processor to use, parameters, post processing, and validation options
  • Running an XQuery and previewing the results from within Stylus Studio®
  • Generating the Java Code to programmatically invoke the XQuery using Saxon
  • Configuring the format of the generated Java code, such as Java package and other Java coding conventions.
  • Browsing generated Java code in the integrated Java Editor
  • Configuring the Java class path environment
  • Compiling the generated Java code using the built-in Java IDE
  • Running the generated Java application in Stylus Studio® and previewing the output
  • Deploying the Java application to a production environment.


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Free Java Code Generation Video Demonstration

A new online video demonstration shows just how easy it is to generate the Java code to make your XSLT and XQuery work in your Java apps.

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