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June/July 2013 - Enterprise Reporting Module - A Brief Chat With the Team at Force 5, Inc. About Their Enterprise Software

Hello from the Stylus Studio Team!

Summer is in full swing. Warm weather is occurring and families are traveling. Many organizations are gearing up to deliver and complete projects by the end of the year. The Stylus Studio team is also working on new and exciting things for our XML Community.

This month's Scoop features a conversation between the Stylus Studio team and the team at Force 5, Inc. Force 5 develops and delivers enterprise level compliance and security software. They recently utilized Stylus Studio to develop a reporting module for one of their products.

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Enterprise Reporting Module - A Chat With the Force 5, Inc. Team

We recently sat down with the architect team at Force 5, Inc. to learn how they used Stylus Studio to drastically accelerate the development and testing of a new reporting module for their Gatekeeper product.

Stylus Studio

The conversation provided insight regarding their development process and how they utilized Stylus Studio.

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Keep Your Library Up-to-Date with Google Books API

Books are fundamental elements of our culture. No matter where you live or what your cultural background, I am sure that there has been at least one book that impacted your life and left great memories.

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Using XQuery To Generate JSON from Relational Data

This article describes how to build a simple multi-tier solution to expose relational data to a modern HTML application using JSON.

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