February 2015 - Enhanced License Management

Recent updates to Stylus Studio XML Editor have brought improved license management which we are highlighting in this month's scoop. These new features are particularly helpful for larger organizations with numerous workstations and developers utilizing Stylus Studio at the same time.

If you missed last month's customer story, we encourage you to read the full article and learn more about the XML Pipeline Server data processing solutions that the Stylus Studio team has to offer.

Stylus Studio X15 Release 2 is the most powerful and feature-rich version of Stylus Studio ever! If you have not yet tried the latest version or would like to upgrade from an older version of Stylus Studio, please contact us.

Enhanced License Management

Need to move licenses from one machine to another or uninstall Stylus Studio in silent mode? Read about the new licensing management features in our latest blog post here.

Genpro, Inc. - Customer Case Study

Check out a brand new case study on how Genpro, Inc. built a data warehouse with Stylus Studio XML Pipeline Server and services from IVI Technologies. Read the full case study on our website.

Extending XSLT with Java and C#
If the world was perfect, all data you have to process would be in XML and the only transformation language you would have to learn would XSLT.
Stylus Studio X15 Release 2 Is Now Available
IVI Technologies announced the immediate availability of the Stylus Studio X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite. Read the full press release.


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