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Stylus Studio® is the ultimate XML data integration tool, offering a comprehensive feature list of powerful visual XML mappers for getting data from-and-to virtually any data format. Stylus Studio®'s XML Mapper employs a standards-based approach to XML mapping, electing to implement the underlying XML mapping code in either XSLT or XQuery rather then relying on proprietary DOM-like program code generation schemes which cannot be easily customized, and are not scalable.

Stylus Studio® features flat file to XML Mapping tools. It is easy to convert flat files to XML using the powerful conversion and mapping tools built into the Stylus Studio Suite.

Stylus Studio®'s XML Mapper helps you get data from one or more input format(s) to any specified used-specified output format. Our intuitive visual approach to XML mapping works seamlessly with any input/output formats, XML transformation language used (XSLT or XQuery), or even what XML processing components or platform you elect to use in your XML data integration application. Whether you are extending an existing system or starting a new application from scratch, our XML Mapper simply works because our synchronized visual and XML code-based editing features operate on standard XML technologies. Stylus Studio®'s XML Mappers provide a highly extensible, scalable and cost-effective solution for standards-based XML data integration applications.


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