Document Type Definition (DTD) Tools

A Document Type Definition (DTD) is an SGML-based meta language used for the expression of a schema via a set of declarations that conform to a particular markup syntax and that describe a class (or type) of XML documents in terms of constraints on the structure and content of those documents. Stylus Studio® X16 XML provides powerful tools and utilities for working with document type definitions, including DTD editing, validation, conversion, and much more.

Visual DTD Editor

Design DTDs easily and intuitively with a built-in DTD Editor! The DTD Editor lets you work with text and tree views to review and modify DTD elements, attributes, and properties.

DTD Validator

Validate XML using any DTD processor (MSXML, Microsoft .NET, Xerces, and others)! DTD is easily associated — internally or externally — with any XML document, making DTD validation and syntax-checking a snap.

DTD Generator

Auto-generate DTDs from any XML document using the Stylus Studio DTD generator. DTDs can be automatically inserted using the !DOCTYPE declaration, or you can generate external DTDs for validating multiple XML documents.

Convert DTD to Schema

Convert your legacy DTD data models to the official W3C XML Schema format using built-in DTD to XSD conversion tools. Converting DTD to XML Schema provides support for both built-in and custom data types.


Use a DTD to create XML documents! A simple DTD-to-XML document wizard gives you a leg-up on even the most complex XML.

DTD Parsers

DTD parsers supported in Stylus Studio include both DOM and SAX-based XML DTD Parsing components. An internal DTD parser helps you quickly validate XML documents, or select from one of several supported DTD validation parsers for XML like MSXML, .NET, and Xerces.

Using DTD in Java

Use the DTDs that you develop in Stylus Studio inside your Java applications. Using Xerces-J, you can easily parse DTDs as part of your XML validation.

Using DTD in Microsoft .NET

The DTDs that you develop in Stylus Studio can be used inside both traditional Microsoft COM-based applications, as well as newer Microsoft .NET applications. DTD parsing can be implemented in .NET, C#, and visual basic.

OASIS Catalog Support

Industry standard DTDs like DocBook and FIXML are no problem — they and over 900 other industry-standard DTDs are fully supported by Stylus Studio. With Stylus Studio DTD support, you can work as easily offline as you do online.

DTD vs. Schema

Ready to migrate your DTD to XML Schema? Learn about the technical benefits of using XML schemas instead of older SGML-based, DTD technologies.

US National Library of Medicine DTD

Create your own DTDs from industry-standard DTDs, like those from the US Nation Libary of Medicine. See to create user-defined catalogs to leverage industry-standard DTDs in your XML applications.


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