DTD Generator and DTD Conversion Tools

Stylus Studio® includes a collection of helpful DTD utilities, including DTD generation and DTD-to-XML Schema conversion wizards.

Generate Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

Stylus Studio® supports the automatic generation and association of both internal and external DTDs based on XML instance documents. A Schema tab at the bottom of the XML editor allows you to view the XML content model associated with the XML document that is currently being edited.

View the associated DTD or XML Schema of an XML instance document

If no content model has previously been associated, Stylus Studio® can optionally generate an XML content model expressed in either a DTD or an XML Schema for you. In the case of DTDs, you can specify to generate either an internal or external dtd as shown below.

Generate internal or external DTD

If you choose to generate an Internal DTD, Stylus Studio® will automatically insert the DTD including the !DOCTYPE declaration for you inside of your XML document.

Generate internal XML DTD

If you choose to generate an external DTD, the DTD generator will save the result to a file, and insert the !DOCTYPE declaration at the top of XML instance document you were working on, which will reference the external DTD, thereby enabling various enhanced XML editing and validation features.

The use of XML content models expressed in DTD or XML Schema is an optional, yet recommended practice because it allows you to constrain the data of your custom XML content models, and to easily check XML instance documents for consistency using any validating XML parser such as those included with Stylus Studio®.

Convert DTD to XML Schema

In addition to DTD and XML Schema generation capabilities, Stylus Studio® supports conversion of DTDs to XML Schemas, a more the W3C's recommended XML data modeling language. Just click File > Document Wizards to display the DTD to XML Schema conversion Wizard and others.

Convert a Document Type Definition to XML Schema

Stylus Studio®'s DTD to XML Schema Wizard makes it easy to migrate from DTDs to XML Schema.

In summary: Stylus Studio®'s automatic generation capabilities for DTDs and XML Schemas and its DTD-to-XSD conversion tools ensure easy development XML of content models without requiring any prior knowledge of complex DTD or XML Schema syntax.


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