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Stylus Studio is an award winning XML Editor, Generator and Development Environment.
  • (1) You can validate a sample EDIFACT submission in less than 5-seconds.
  • (2) The way in which the XML data is presented makes it very easy for a developer to visualize how individual items are nested within a single EDI file.
  • (3) There should be no problem handling custom elements, segments, etc. because the EDIFACT dialect files are totally customizable and extensible. And the process for adding a custom item is straight-forward.
  • (4) The software is supported by clear documentation, on-line videos, and lots and lots of examples.
  • (5) They pretty much have written the code you will need to integrate the software's functionality into your server's environment.
  • (6) Company has been responsive (a live person -- a developer, I believe -- has answered when I have called them).
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