Creating Templates

To do anything beyond copying the text from your XML document to the result document, you must create templates. You can create new templates several ways:

Try creating a new template that matches an XML element in your document:
1. Double-click an element in the tree view of your XML document.
2. Enter the following instruction in the new template:
3. In another template, ensure that there is an xsl:apply-templates instruction that selects the new template's element for processing.
4. Press F5 to apply the stylesheet and refresh the current scenario in the Preview window.

Notice that the text contents of the element for which you created the template are now displayed in bold - the XSL instruction is formatted with <b> and </b>. Also, the XSLT processor does not process this element's children (if there are any) because the new template you created does not specify <xsl:apply-templates/>.

By creating additional templates to style portions of your XML document, you can completely control how the document appears.

Saving a Template

To save a template, save the stylesheet. Click Save in the Stylus Studio tool bar, or select File>Save from the Stylus Studio menu bar.

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