Saving Stylesheets

When you save a stylesheet, Stylus Studio uses the encoding that is specified in the Params/Other tab of the XSLT editor. You can change the encoding by changing the setting in the Params/Other tab or in the initial processing instruction in the stylesheet. When you change one of these, Stylus Studio automatically changes the other. They are always the same.

To save an XSLT stylesheet, do one of the following:

To save your stylesheet to another file, select File>Save As.

To save multiple files, select File> Save All. This saves all files that are open in Stylus Studio.

Using Updated Stylesheets

Within a scenario, Stylus Studio automatically uses any updated files when you apply a stylesheet. It does not matter whether you have explicitly saved a file in the scenario. If a stylesheet includes or imports other stylesheets, Stylus Studio automatically uses any updated versions of included or imported stylesheets even if you have not explicitly saved them.

However, there is one situation in which Stylus Studio does not automatically use updated stylesheets. Suppose that multiple stylesheets are open in Stylus Studio. Each stylesheet generates a Web page, and the Web pages have links to each other. The stylesheets do not include or import each other. You make changes in more than one of these stylesheets and you do not explicitly save any changes. You apply one of the stylesheets, and in the Preview window you click a link to another Web page generated by one of the other stylesheets you updated. In this situation, Stylus Studio does not apply the updated stylesheet. You must explicitly save the stylesheet to be able to use the updated version.

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