Scenario Properties Used for Generating Code

When you generate code for XQuery, Stylus Studio uses some of the information associated with the active XQuery scenario, as specified in the Scenario Properties dialog box.

The following tables summarizes the scenario properties that affect code generation.

The Code Generation wizard uses only the Source XML URL and the Output URL field, if specified. All other properties on this page are ignored.
Only the Saxon processor supports C# code generation for XQuery.
Note: If the scenario specifies an XQuery processor for which C# code generation is not supported, Stylus Studio uses the Saxon processor for code generation purposes. The processor specified in the scenario is not changed.
Parameter Values
Parameters are always treated as XQuery expressions; they appear in the generated code just as they are entered in the Expression field.
Profiling Options
You can use the following validation engines for validating your XQuery C# code:
l .NET XML Parser
l Saxon
If you choose a validation engine that is not supported, Stylus Studio uses the .NET XML parser.
Only post-processing using Apache FOP and RenderX XEP is specified in the generated code. Resulting PDF is written to the output URL specified on the General tab.
Table 111. Scenario Properties that Affect Code Generation

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