Profiling XQuery

In addition to debugging tools for XQuery, Stylus Studio provides the XQuery Profiler, a tool that helps you evaluate the efficiency of your XQuery. By default, the performance metrics gathered by the XQuery Profiler are displayed in a preformatted report, like the one shown here:

The report format is controlled by the default XSLT stylesheet, profile.xsl, in the \Stylus Studio\bin directory. You can customize this stylesheet as required. You can save XQuery Profiler reports as HTML.

In addition to generating the standard XQuery Profiler report, you can save the raw data generated by the Profiler and use this data to create your own reports. See Enabling the Profiler for more information about this procedure.

A complete list of the videos demonstrating Stylus Studio's features is here:

About Performance Metrics

The XQuery Profiler can record three different levels of performance metrics:

Enabling the Profiler

The XQuery Profiler is off by default. You enable the Profiler on the Profiling Options tab of the XQuery Scenario Properties dialog box.

To enable the XQuery Profiler:
1. Open the Scenario Properties dialog box for the XQuery. (Click Browse at the top of the XQuery editor window.)
2. Click the Profiling Options tab.
3. Select the settings for the performance metrics you want the Profiler to capture.
4. Optionally, save the raw Profiler data to a separate file.
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