Modifying the Target Structure

This section describes the techniques you can use to modify the structure and content of an XQuery mapper target structure. It covers the following topics:

Adding a Node

See How to create elements and attributes.

Removing a Node

To remove a node from the target structure:
2. Select the node and press the Delete key.

Alternative: Right-click the node and select Remove Node from the shortcut menu.

Setting a Text Value

You can set text values for target structure elements and attributes. You might want to do this if you are composing an XQuery with an element or attribute that requires a fixed value, instead of using a value gathered from an input XML document.

Here is the XQuery code Stylus Studio generates for the Title element when a text value is specified for it:

	<Title>Confederacy of Dunces</Title> 

Stylus Studio displays a red letter T for nodes for which you define a text value: .

To set a text value for a target structure node:
1. Right-click the node for which you want to set the text value.

The shortcut menu appears.

2. Select Set Text Value from the shortcut menu.

The Value dialog box appears.

3. Type the string you want to use as the text value and click OK.
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