Integrated Components

Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite is fully integrated with these DataDirect products:

The XML Converters are high-performance Java and .NET components that provide bi-directional, programmatic access to virtually any non-XML file including EDI, flat files, and other legacy formats. DataDirect XML Converters allow developers to seamlessly stream any non-XML data as XML to industry-leading XML processing components or to any application. They support StAX, SAX, XmlReader, XmlWriter, DOM and I/O streaming interfaces, and can be embedded directly for transformation purposes, or as part of a chain of programs including XSLT and XQuery, or even inside XML pipelines. DataDirect XML Converters maximize developer productivity and provide a fast, scalable solution for converting between EDI and other legacy formats and XML.

DataDirect XQuery® is an XQuery processor that enables developers to access and query XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, legacy, or a combination of data sources, and, in addition, provides full update support for relational data. DataDirect XQuery supports the XQuery for Java (XQJ) API, and is easily embedded into any Java program - it does not require any other product or application server, and has no server of its own.

Evaluation copies of these DataDirect products are installed in the \Components directory where you installed Stylus Studio. These copies provide full development libraries, sample code, and user documentation.

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