Quick Fixes

The Quick Fixes feature displays one or more ways to address a given error. Quick Fixes is available for data errors only.

To display Quick Fixes choices, right-click on a document error (the red squiggle) in the EDI document pane and choose Quick Fixes from the shortcut menu. The menu displays the fixes that are available for the current error:

Fixes (when there is more than one) are listed in increasing order of scope - when possible, the scope of the first choice is limited to the current error (or class of error) only; other fixes listed are typically broader in scope (turning off a type of checking or validation, for example).

How Quick Fixes Works

Quick Fixes typically provides the following suggestions for addressing errors in the EDI document:

You can import and change EDI standard definitions at any time. See Customizing an EDI Standard for more information.

You can change the XML Converter properties at any time. See Specifying XML Converter Properties for more information.

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