Add Segment Reference

You use the Add Segment Reference dialog box to add a segment reference to a group or message. The customized EDI definition resides in the SEF file for your EDI to XML Conversion. You can choose an existing segment or create a new one to create the segment reference.


Choose a segment

The segment you want to use to create the segment reference. Choose an existing segment from the drop-down list, or create a new segment by clicking the New button. (Clicking the New Segment button displays the Segment Definition dialog box, which you use to create the new segment.)


Indicates whether the segment reference is used in your customized EDI structure. For new segment references, you can leave this field empty. If you are modifying an existing segment reference because you want to indicate that it is not used in your customized EDI structure, set Modifier to Not Used instead of removing the segment reference from the EDI structure.

Valid values for this property are Dependent, Must be used, Not recommended, Not used, Recommended.


Whether the segment reference is Optional, Mandatory, Conditional, or Facultatif. The default is Optional for most dialects; it is Conditional for EDIFACT.

Maximum Use

The number of times the segment reference can appear within a group or message.


The segment reference's place within the group or message.


The position within the group or message at which the segment reference starts.

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