XPath Query Editor

You use the XPath Query Editor to compose and execute queries against the active XML document. If the XPath Query Editor is not visible, select View > XPath Query Editor from the Stylus Studio menu, or click the Show XPath Query Editor button on the XML Editor tool bar ( ).

The XPath Query Editor consists of

You can create up to sixty-four queries for a single XML document; each is saved on its own tab, which appears at the top of the query pane. To see a different query, click the appropriate tab. To delete a query, click the Delete Query button.

Tool Bar

New XPath Query creates a new query tab in the XPath Query Editor.

Execute Query executes the current query in the XPath Query Editor.

Open result in a new XML document creates a new XML document based on the query result and displays it in the XML Editor.

Show Namespaces displays the namespace pane, which allows you to redefine the namespace prefix to be used in the query.

Delete Query deletes the current query from the XPath Query Editor.

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