XML Editor Schema Tab

To display the XML editor, open an XML document, or select File > New > XML Document from the Stylus Studio menu bar. At the bottom of the XML editor window, click the Schema tab.

The Schema tab of the XML editor displays a collapsible and expandable tree representation of the schema for the current XML document. In this view, you can add any kind of node allowed in a schema.

Buttons for Editing

The buttons along the top of the Schema tab allow you to edit the tree. Hover help is available to determine what each button does.

Validate Document analyzes the document against the associated XML Schema or DTD. You can use the drop-down list to select the validation engine you want to use.

IE Preview displays the XML document in the Preview window using the Internet Explorer web browser.

Change Font allows you to choose the display font.

Open External Schema opens the schema, if there is one, for the XML document.

Delete Node deletes the selected node.

Change Name allows you to change the name of the selected node.

Move Up moves the selected node to be before its preceding sibling.

Move Down moves the selected node to be after its following sibling.

Toggle Display of White space toggles the display of white space in the tree.

Toggle Display of Entity References toggles the display of entity references in the DTD associated with the document, if any.

Buttons for Adding Nodes

Buttons in the left tool bar of the Schema tab allow you to define elements, entities, and comments in the schema. For a description of the buttons, see DTD Schema Editor Tree Tab and XML Schema Editor Tree Tab.

To add a node, select a node that is already in the DOM tree, and then click the button for the type of node you want to add. Stylus Studio adds the new node relative to the node you selected.

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