Stylus Studio

Use Stylus Studio to develop an XML application. To get an overview of the tool, see Chapter 1Getting Started with Stylus Studio®, or take a look at our online videos to get a virtual view of Stylus Studio modules in action.

If you would rather just get started, the following shortcuts might get you pointed in the right direction. To create a

To debug an XQuery document, XSLT stylesheet, Java file, open the file you want to debug.

If you want, you can create a project to help you organize the files in your application. In the Project window, right-click to display the project management shortcut menu.

For More Information

Chapter 1Getting Started with Stylus Studio®

Updating an XML Document - Getting Started

Working with Stylesheets - Getting Started

Using the XSLT Mapper - Getting Started

Defining a DTD - Getting Started

Defining an XML Schema Using the Diagram Tab - Getting Started

Chapter 12Composing Web Service Calls

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