Scenario Properties Parameter Values Tab (XQuery)

You can display the Scenario Properties dialog box for an XQuery by clicking Browse next to the scenario name field. Although a scenario is not required in order to create an XQuery, it is quite common to apply an XQuery to a source XML document in order to perform some processing on the XML. Scenarios help you facilitate this operation.

A scenario allows you to preview the results of applying an XQuery. Scenario settings include the name of an XML source document, the values of any parameters in the XQuery, and the type of performance metrics you want Stylus Studio to capture, if any.

A scenario can be associated with only one XQuery and only one XML source document. However, you can associate any number of scenarios with an XQuery, and you can associate any number of scenarios with an XML source document.

Click the Parameter Values tab to view or modify information about the XQuery's parameters. You can modify existing parameters on this page of the Scenario Properties dialog box, but you cannot create new ones. New parameters can be created in the XQuery source only.


Variable Name

Lists the variables defined in the current XQuery.


The expression associated with the variable. You can enter a value in this field.

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