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Stylus Studio uses the Preview window to display processing results for

For example, if you use the EDI to XML Conversions editor to create an EDI to XML conversion, when you click the Preview Result button ( ), the XML document created by converting the source EDI document to XML is displayed here. The Preview window opens automatically when you preview a result, but you can open it manually by selecting View > Preview from the Stylus Studio menu.


You can click output in the Preview window, and Stylus Studio places the cursor in the line of code in the editor responsible for creating it. For example, if you click a node in an XML document created using an XML conversion, Stylus Studio places the cursor in the field and row of the input file displayed in the Custom XML Conversion Editor's schema pane. Back-mapping is supported in the Preview window's Tree and Text views.

The Preview window displays a tab at the bottom for each scenario in which you have applied a stylesheet or XQuery. Click the tab to view the most recent result for that scenario.


Refresh Preview performs the processing again. You might want to use this button to quickly see the effect of changes you make to the source document.

Preview in Tree displays the result using a tree representation. Tree view is available for XML documents only. Back-mapping is available from the Tree view.

Preview in Browser displays the result as it would appear in a Web browser. Back-mapping is available only for output in HTML (such as that which might result from processing an XML document with XSLT, for example). For HTML results based on XSLT processing, if you click in the result document, Stylus Studio displays the Backmap Stack window, which lists the XSLT instructions that generated the text or image you clicked. Stylus Studio also flags the line in the stylesheet that contains the first instruction in the Backmap Stack window.

Show Profiling Data displays the Stylus Studio Profiler report, if enabled, for XSLT and XQuery processing. The Profiler report includes overview, call tree, node summary, and event log statistics. You can backmap from the profiling report to the line of XSLT or XQuery associated with the statistic. Settings for this report are displayed on the Profiling Options page of the Scenario Properties dialog box for XSLT and XQuery.

Preview Text displays the raw text of the result. The Text view supports back-mapping. You can select and copy text in the Preview Text view.

Export Preview allows you to save the result in a file. It displays the Save As dialog box.

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