Options - Module Settings - XML Schema Editor - XML Schema to XML

You use the XML Schema to XML page of the Options dialog box specify settings that affect how Stylus Studio creates an XML document from an XML Schema. Stylus Studio uses these settings when you


Preferred recursion depth

The level to which you want self-referencing elements in the XML document to recurse.

Number of elements that triggers a warning

Use this field to set a soft limit on the number of elements Stylus Studio generates. When this limit is reached, Stylus Studio displays a warning message. You can continue generating XML, or cancel the generation operation at this time.

Number of Repeating Elements

You use the Number of Repeating Elements fields to control the number of repeating elements Stylus Studio generates in an XML document based on an XML Schema.

Preferred - The number of repeating elements you would like Stylus Studio to generate. This number is used when its value falls between the minOccurs and maxOccurs values defined for the element in the XML Schema. If this number is less than the minOccurs value, the minOccurs number of elements is generated, ensuring that the resulting document is valid. If this number is greater than the maxcOccurs value, the maxOccurs number of elements.

Maximum - This value is used when the Preferred value is out of the range of the minOccurs and maxOccurs values (less than minOccurs or greater than maxOccurs), and Maximum is less than maxOccurs.

Optional Elements and Attributes

Whether or not you want to generate optional elements and attributes specified in the XML Schema, and whether or not you want to generate comments.

Choices and Substitution Groups

By default, Stylus Studio generates all choices and substitutions specified in the XML Schema, commenting (//) all but the first one to ensure that the generated XML document is valid. If you prefer, you can generate

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