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To display the Options dialog box, select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu, then select Module Settings >XML Editor >XML Settings.


Sense:X Refresh Interval

Use this dialog box to specify the refresh interval for Sense:X. The default is 10 seconds.

As you edit an XML document, Stylus Studio displays a pop-up menu that lists the elements and element attributes you can create. Stylus Studio retrieves this information from the document's schema. The schema can be either at the beginning of the document, or it can be an external file.

If your document does not have a schema, Stylus Studio does not display the pop-up list of suggestions.

The information needed for the pop-up menu can change because you edit the internal DTD or because someone has modified the external schema. When this information changes, you want to refresh the set of elements and attributes that Stylus Studio suggests.

The refresh interval is how often you want Stylus Studio to reparse schema data. A smaller interval means that the data used is more accurate and up to date, but it requires more CPU processing time. A longer interval means data might be less accurate and less up to date, but it requires less CPU processing time.

Halt Validation After nnn Errors

Specify the maximum number of errors Stylus Studio can find before it stops trying to validate an XML document. The default is 50.

Display message box after validation

Whether or not to display a message box after validation is complete. Validation information is also displayed in the output window.

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