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You use the Presentation page of the Options dialog box to modify the default settings Stylus Studio uses for the background color to display added, removed, changed, and collapsed items in the XML Diff editor and the Diff Folders dialog box.


Added items

Items that appear in the target document but not in the source document.

Removed items

Items that appear in the source document but are not present in the target document.

Changed items

Items that differ in the source and target documents (the text of a node differs, for example).

Collapsed items with changes

Indicates that there are changes within an item (such as a folder or a node) that is currently displayed as collapsed. The precise nature of the change becomes visible once the item is expanded.

Default Colors

Stylus Studio uses these colors by default:

Changing Colors

To change the default colors:
1. Click the button to the right of the Background Color field ( ) for the color you want to change.

Stylus Studio displays the Color dialog box.

2. Select a color from the Basic colors grid.


a. Click in the spectrum.
b. Use the mouse and slide bar to select a different color.
c. When the color you want appears in the Color|Solid field, click the Add to Custom Colors button.

The color appears in the Custom Colors grid.

d. Select the color from the Custom Colors grid.
3. Click OK to close the Color dialog box.
4. Click OK to close the Options dialog box.

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