Creating an XSLT Scenario

An XSLT scenario is a group of settings that Stylus Studio uses to process the XSLT when you click the Preview Result button ( ). Examples of scenario settings include the XML document to which the XSLT will be applied, whether you want to perform any post-processing, and the values of any parameters you might have defined. You can create multiple scenarios that use the same XSLT, and choose different settings for each. This flexibility can aid the XSLT development process as it enables you to easily test different applications of the XSLT before you put it online.

Even if you do not explicitly create a scenario, Stylus Studio uses default scenario settings in order to preview the XSLT. For example, Stylus Studio uses the first source document you specify as the document to which the XSLT is applied. (If the first source document is an XSD or DTD, Stylus Studio prompts you to provide an XML document for the scenario when you preview the XSLT.)

This section covers the following topics:

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